Utilities & Technology

The attorneys and consultants of the Firm who practice in the area of Utilities and Technology have broad technical and legal backgrounds in the specialized areas of telecommunications, electric, natural gas, water, wastewater, and irrigation water regulation. We have been in the forefront of developing innovative solutions and new policy initiatives for regulated utilities, consumers, competitors, and other technology providers. These proceedings have included a wide range of issues associated with the introduction and development of competition in the local and long distance telephone, natural gas, and electric power service markets; conservation and reuse policies for the water, electric, and natural gas industries; and resolution of disputes involving claims of discriminatory rate and service treatment.

The members who make up the Utilities and Technology area practice extensively before the Florida Public Service Commission. In addition, they appear before civil trial courts, the Florida Legislature, other state utility commissions, the Federal Communications Commission, and other federal regulatory agencies, the U.S. Congress, and courts with appellate jurisdiction over utility matters. Attorneys and consultants in this practice area have extensive experience in litigating rate cases, certifications, rulemaking proceedings, bid disputes, territorial disputes, and virtually every type of issue and proceeding related to utility or technology regulation, management, and oversight. The litigation background of these attorneys enables them to provide effective and cost-efficient legal representation and assistance in a variety of regulatory judicial tribunals. Finally, the subject matter expertise of the attorneys and consultants enable them to provide meaningful counseling and expert testimony on numerous utility and technology matters.

The diverse and comprehensive experience of the attorneys in the Utilities and Technology Practice is reflected in its broad range of clients. Over the years, we have represented and advised investor-owned and municipal electric utilities, local exchange and competitive local exchange providers, public and private water and wastewater providers and customers, local distribution gas companies, the largest wireless telecommunications company in the United States, major and minor long-distance carriers, technology providers and users, and associations representing the private pay telephone, cable television, and directory publisher industries.